It is indeed not wise to rent a home for the rest of your life.  This is so true especially if you already have a growing family.  As a parent, you certainly need to secure your kids with a shelter that they could truly call their own.  Actually, this may even be a more practical choice because if you rent, you could actually be spending a lot more in the end.  However, one of the reasons why you may have never entertained having your own home is that this may seem a bit expensive.  It is a fact though that building a home nowadays is quite costly.


You really do not have to possess a huge amount of cash before you could have your dream house built.  The best option would be to acquire a loan which you could use for the construction.  While this may seem quite convenient, you still could not move forward because of the fact that you do not have a home to present as a collateral for the loan.  The idea that may serve as a blocking device is that without a real property to present to the creditor, there is no way that your loan request would be approved. However, you are totally wrong with this notion.

The truth is that it is actually possible for you to acquire a loan even when you do not have a home.  All that is really necessary is for you to be found reliable.  This is the reason why the creditor would have to conduct an investigation on your background.  It may have to pry into your life as an employee or as a business owner.  The main reason, of course, is not about the assault on your privacy.  Instead, it is a way of making sure that you would indeed be able to repay the loan that you have incurred.

The creditor would take a look into your credit record. If it finds out that you are a good borrower and that you would actually make the effort of repaying the loan on an installment basis on time, it would not hesitate to approve your request for a home loan.  This is the reason why you should make it a point to avoid situations where you would find difficulty in paying back the creditors.   To sum this point up, if you have been proven to be a good borrower, no creditor would surely turn your request for a home loan down.

Since you do not have a collateral to present though, you should expect that the creditors would expect the risks to be on their end.  This is the reason why they may consider imposing a higher interest rate on the loan that you are getting.  While this may be the sad part, you should remember that this may be a better condition rather than not being able to build a home for yourself and for your family.  After all, the property would ultimately become yours.  This should clearly be a fair deal.