A student loan can be very helpful for a college student with goals of finishing college studies, but can also be giving problems somewhat when it is already repayment time, according to Bruce Mesnekoff, the nationally recognized expert on student loan management and consolidation. There can be potential problems, especially with several student loans under the borrower’s name, and conversely, with the several repayment schedules and also with various interest rates. Simplifying the several student loans into a single centralized loan can be done through student loan consolidation. The repayment amount with this loan consolidation can also be lower, thus also a solution for the student borrower having some financial concerns, especially when just starting with the job.


Benefits will be acquired by the student borrower, not only with the lower repayment amount for this consolidation loan, but also with potential lower interest rates, which will apply all throughout the lifetime of this new loan, per Bruce Mesnekoff. The loan term can also be extended to as long as 30 years, which can benefit the student borrower in the long term because this will result to lower amount for repayment, according to Bruce Mesnekoff. The total amount paid for this loan can be higher because the term is longer, but also may not matter because of the benefit acquired with the more affordable repayment rate.

When the borrower just graduated and just starting with the new job, there can be the thorough evaluation of the monthly wage and balance this with the student loans already up for repayment. The total monthly repayments may just be too high that there can be a potential financial problem. Finding a solution to this problem should be initiated and the student loans not allowed to be on delinquency, which can also ultimately lead to a default. When this situation happens, the student borrower will get into more financial troubles, and solutions have to be sought. There can be a solution to this, according to Bruce Mesnekoff, the expert on loan consolidation.

There can also be several repayment plans for this consolidation loan, and the student borrower can just try to balance this with his or her financial needs. What is needed is just for the student borrowers to coordinate with their loan provider and inquire for this consolidation loan. The negotiating skills of the borrower are important, but the loan provider can provide useful information regarding this loan consolidation. Since negotiating is important in acquiring this new consolidated loan, the help of the experts can also be of high importance, per Bruce Mesnekoff, the expert on this matter.