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10 02, 2016

The Basics on Student Loan Consolidation

Bruce Mesnekoff has always been a known proponent of student loan consolidation.  However, despite the fact that he fervently believes that this is the best option for those who are in a debt quagmire, he still thinks that it is necessary for the individual to be fully knowledgeable of the bases first.  Apparently, it is […]

10 02, 2016

Bruce Mesnekoff Suggests Avoid Student Loan Default

Bruce Mesnekoff professional student loan consolidation consultant perpetually reminds students to modify their loan payments suitably.  If attainable, the payment schedules should be followed in spite of what.  It should, in fact, be enclosed within the monthly budget of the coed whereas he or she continues to be at school or faculty.  However, it’s a […]

18 08, 2015

The Ultimate Guide To Student Loans by authors Bruce Mesnekoff and Jordan Goodman

Authors Bruce Mesnekoff and Jordan Goodman, experts in education funding, debt issues, and personal finance, keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in government rules and regulations, simplifying the complexities of the financial aid process into easy-to-follow steps. Inside, you’ll learn negotiating tactics that will ensure you get the best deals and even find out […]

7 07, 2015

Bruce Mesnekoff at Controlled Chaos on KCAA Wed, May 20, 2015

18 05, 2015

Bruce Mesnekoff on the radio – Prudent Money

Student Loan Debt Crisis Affecting Senior Citizens?

12 05, 2015

How do I get an FSA ID?

You can create an FSA ID when logging into certain ED websites, including this one. Create an FSA ID now.

The FSA ID process consists of three main steps:

Enter your log-in information.

Provide your e-mail address, a unique username, and password, and verify that you are at least 13 years old.

Enter your personal information.

Provide your Social Security […]

12 05, 2015

What is an FSA ID?

An FSA ID is a username and password that you must use to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education (ED) websites. Your FSA ID identifies you as someone who has the right to access your own personal information on ED websites such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) at

If […]

27 02, 2015

Defaulted Student Loans and Avoiding a Tax Offset Due to This Default

A student loan is good for a college student wanting to have good college education, but has to be paid or the student loan will go on default and offset on tax refunds happen, to cover for loan payment, per Bruce Mesnekoff. Many things can happen with a student loan in default, according to the […]

27 02, 2015

Student Loan Tax Offset and What It Is

A student loan tax offset is the tax refund that the government offsets, and this is to cover for student loan payment for the loan on default, but there are also solutions that can be done, according to Bruce Mesnekoff, the nationally recognized expert in student loan management and consolidation. The key here is the […]

27 02, 2015

Some Useful Tips Regarding Student Loan Applications

Tips Regarding Student Loan Applications By Bruce Mesnekoff

Getting into college and enrolling in the top choice schools can be worrisome, considering the high cost of college education, but there can also be solutions for this, per Bruce Mesnekoff, the nationally recognized expert on student loan management and consolidation. If getting eligible for college scholarships is […]