America’s Student Loan Expert Bruce Mesnekoff

Bruce Mesnekoff was married in 1996 and has 3 children.  Most of Bruce’s career has been spent discovering and creating solutions to the problems that he has seen as his children have grown older. Bruce has been a member of MENSA since 2002.

For over the last 20+ years, Bruce has focused his efforts on developing businesses that have enriched the lives of thousands of children and their families.

In 1996, Bruce Mesnekoff started the Children’s Resource Center (CRC) in Columbia, MD.  CRC introduced early learning educational materials to families with very young children.  The programs developed by CRC focused on children from infancy through elementary school.  The companies motto “Reading is the key to learning” was the foundation that this company was built on.  CRC worked closely with preschools and elementary schools to educate parents on early education.

In 2001, Bruce Mesnekoff founded SportZtime, LLC.  This innovative company provided structured fitness programs for children ages 2-12.  SportZtime worked with 100’s of childcare centers and county recreation programs, as well as public and private elementary schools.  SportZtime’s fitness programs helped to build a strong foundation of exercise and discipline in children from a very young age.

As Bruce’s own children got older, his focus shifted towards problems facing families with children in college.  Bruce believed that the most difficult issue was that of student loans.  This crisis lead Bruce to start The Student Loan Help Center (TSLHC) in 2012.  TSLHC has already helped several thousand parents and students regain control of their student loan debt.  Bruce has become the leading authority on student loan debt and speaks regularly in the media to educate the public on the options that are available.  TSLHC has been recognized as the top company in its field on several major media outlets, including Fox Business News and Essence Magazine.


Bruce Mesnekoff

America’s Student Loan Consolidation’s Expert