Bruce Mesnekoff has always been a known proponent of student loan consolidation.  However, despite the fact that he fervently believes that this is the best option for those who are in a debt quagmire, he still thinks that it is necessary for the individual to be fully knowledgeable of the bases first.  Apparently, it is not enough that you know that student loan consolidation is the answer.  It also matters that you actually understand well why it is the best solution.  After all, it is only when you are already familiar with the benefits of student loan consolidation that you would become a proponent just like Mesnekoff.

Just by how it is called, it is quite obvious what would happen to your student loans.  According to Bruce Mesnekoff, in the course of your studies, it is possible that you would incur more than just one loan.  There are three major creditors from which you could acquire loans. Under the circumstance that you would have to spend so much money for tuition and allowances, it would indeed be convenient to acquire all three loans from different creditors.  It is when you have to repay the loans that you would surely find some issues.  This is the time when Bruce Mesnekoff would strongly suggest student loan consolidation.

Due to student loan consolidation, it would certainly be so much easier for you to repay your debt.  All your student loans would be summed into one loan which you could more easily handle.  One of the clear advantage once your loans are consolidated is that you no longer have to shoulder a higher interest rate.  The interest rate would not only be lesser this time; it would also be fixed.  Apparently, Bruce Mesnekoff is suggesting a solution that would be so much easier for you to deal with.  This is why you should consider this.

There could be many other options if you wish to solve your debt problems.  However, you should be careful with your choices.  You should avoid picking solutions that only look good at the moment but would turn out to be steps towards the wrong direction.  You could easily point to bankruptcy as a fitting example of this.  Student loan consolidation does not at all put your name in a bad light.  This means that you could still look credible to creditors.  Acquiring more loans is still possible.  Bruce Mesnekoff is right in promoting this.