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23 12, 2014

Bruce Mesnekoff – Learn About Federal Student Loan Settlements

If you are struggling with federal student loans, a settlement may be a good option. It can be difficult, however, negotiation skills are the key to this type of deal.  Federal student loan settlements involve a reduction in overall payment to satisfy in full the student loan. A settlement is normally possible if the client […]

8 12, 2014

More Student Loans, More Defaults, More Problems

American students are well over $1 trillion in debt, and it’s starting to hurt everyone, economists say

18 02, 2014

Bruce Mesnekoff on Let’s Talk Law

Bruce Mesnekoff of the Student Loan Help Center talks about avoiding a student loan default.

30 01, 2014

How to Fill Out the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows students to apply for more than $150 billion in grants, loans, and work-study funds. Check out this video for info about the FAFSA and the resources available to help fill out this important application. Visit to learn more.

For more videos about FAFSA visit

28 01, 2014

Default Issues in Detail

The following fact sheets on default will explain the sequence of steps when a loan goes into default, and how the borrower can get the loan out of default. If the borrower doesn’t know who holds the loan, you can assist by looking up the loan information on the National Student Loan Data System. As an alternative, you can suggest […]

16 01, 2014

Sirius XM Interview with Maggie Linton 1-14-14

Bruce Mesnekoff was on a radio interview Sirius XM with Maggie Linton 1-14-14

7 01, 2014

If you default on your federal student loan, your loan may be placed with a collection agency

Edited by: Bruce Mesnekoff

Defaulted student loans can be a nightmare to deal with.  Third-party collection agencies may be attempting to force payment from you in a single due, also known as acceleration.  Your loan may then be placed with a collection agency, causing you to pay expenses for costs that were brought up trying to […]

3 01, 2014

Student Loan Repayment 101

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